5 Interesting Facts About Canvas Paintings

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As long as human life has been conscious, paintings have been around. Since time, they have decorated the home of the elites, the poor, the chic, and the noble and are continuing to gain popularity around the globe. From vivid oil paintings to custom canvas paintings, there is just something about them that gives a sense of prestige and royalty. They tell a visual story with each stroke and colour and take the viewer on a journey to unchartered waters. When you buy a custom canvas painting, you can create a statement piece in your home or give someone a gift of a lifetime. If you are an artist who is passionate about art or a person who likes to admire art, these facts about paintings are for you-

  1. Are you aware that paintings have been around for 30,00 years? That’s a long time! However, at that time, they were drawn with a red or yellow ochre, hematite, charcoal, and manganese oxide on mostly the walls of caves. These were referred to as early cave paintings that, if examined closely, will give you the detail of how homo sapiens used to live. So, in a way, cave paintings were the story of their life.
  2. You must have about Leonardo DiCaprio, no doubt as he is the Jack. But did you know that he got his name actually from Leonardo DaVinci, the famous painter? Hard believe it, right? Well, DiCaprio’s mother herself admitted that she felt her baby kick for the first time while she was standing in front of the portrait of the artist at a gallery in Italy. And his father took this as a cosmic sign and named his son after the artist.
  3. For most of history, to smile in a painting was considered radical, and even Mark Twain wrote, “A photograph is a most important document, and there is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever.”
  4. You must have seen Cartoons or Films that showcase animals engaging in painting. But are you aware that, in reality also, this is true? There was a chimp named Congo, resident of London Zoo in the 1950s who painted over 400 paintings. If Zoologists tried to take away his painting before he completed it, he would flip out. Also, if he considered his painting to be complete, then no power could make him continue it.
  5. There are some cities in Germany that have “art libraries” from where you can borrow an artwork and take it home. These works were mostly from local artists, and you can keep them with you for three months by paying 5 Euros. So, you can easily enjoy the art in the privacy of your own place at your own pace.

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