Digital Caricature: A Picture That Lets You Laugh A Thousand Times!

digital caricature

As a place where you often escape after the hectic woes of life, your home needs to evoke a serene and delightful atmosphere. However, this aspect is often overlooked, leading to a place that can drain you if it’s not thoughtfully decorated. When you walk across the threshold of your home, you need to feel good, your frown needs to be replaced by a smile. And a digital caricature perfectly suits the bill here. It not only styles up your space but also brings in a sensation of joy.

A Digital caricature is a drawing of a person whose features are dramatized absurdly for the purpose of entertainment and fun. Some ways of dramatization can be an oversized neck, nose, squinted eyes, large lips and other things. Whenever you look at these caricatures, an automatic smile will pop up on your face. At Buttistore, we help you create digital caricatures of yourself that you can always cherish.

 The Process of Dramatization:

In a caricature, almost all the features of a person’s body or face are artistically enhanced, yet you can still recognize the person, this is what makes it a unique form of art. Buttistore helps you digitally create unique caricatures that are designed as per your requirements in the ideal timeframe.

Our team has created a portfolio of quirky and distinct templates that you can choose from for your caricature. First, we create a digital caricature using a Wacom pad and stylus pen. All we need is a front-facing pose, and we are good to go. Next, our experienced artists will recreate the caricature representations by redrawing the distinctive parts of the pictures. Once you approve the final template, we get it printed on premium vinyl with matte lamination. We meticulously design the caricatures to keep the message intact and deliver the desired results. In the end, your digital caricature is delivered in a black molded frame.

What’s more, our caricatures are available in seven different sizes ranging from A6 to A10, and all these sizes except A0 come with a frame. We assist you throughout the whole process until you are satisfied with the final positioning of the work, after which we send you a softcopy via mail on all orders.

digital caricature

Happiness Guaranteed:

A gift serves to bring a smile to a person’s face. It is supposed to make the gifted happy and appreciated. And our digital caricature makes way for a perfect and unique gift. Though caricatures are old school and used for debatable issues, they are also being used as wedding invites and gifts. Specifically, digital caricatures are being considered a top choice for gifting purposes in companies and friend circles.

Buttistore gives you a choice to choose from various templates to create a digital caricature that helps you look back in time and relive your cherishable moments again. In addition, our free door-step delivery will make it further easy for you to gift your loved ones something they will never forget.