Digital Painting, A Fortress To Hold Your Family Reunion Photographs

digital painting

A family photo is something we look forward to whenever there is an occasion or celebration near at hand. This moment calls for a get-up change, styling up, and a chance to wear our favorite ensemble. It is a one in a million moment in itself, but why just limit storing the outstanding result of such a unique occasion in an album alone! Why not give a fortiori to make a special remembrance of your photographs? Speaking of which, how do you feel about a digital painting that will transform your photograph into a unique masterpiece?

Believe me, this will be one of the most thoughtful investments you will ever make. Let me tell you why.

A family reunion is a very significant moment for most of us and is no secret. Many of us are distant from our beloved family and live in different cities. Meeting them once during the whole year and making memories is our most prized possession, hence can’t let it slide for any reason, big or small. As a deduction, framing your memories as a painting will always make you feel alive whenever you see them.

Therefore, buckle up and enjoy the ride to witness the most amazing digital painting our artist will bring into existence for you to preserve it forever.

No idea what a digital painting is! Well, read on

A digital painting is an advanced form of art contemporary to traditional painting where an artist practices the use of modern cutting-edge technology to execute the painting style. A popular belief resides among the mass that digital painting is not an actual art but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Digital painting is as authentic as traditional painting. A digital artist also has to devote an enormous amount of time to learning this form of art, has to learn from scratch, and more than that the artist should have an innate passion and love for art. Thus, digital painting is also a painting but the artists uses state-to-art technology, i.e. computer and stylus pen to draw instead of canvas, brush, and acrylic colors. If we examine from an artist’s point of view, digital painting is much cheaper in the long run as it involves a one-time investment. As a beholder of the art, if we have to determine then, yes, it will depend on whether one has a love for traditional painting or digital painting.

However, as someone who has seen the result of both, I can say that it is never a waste to invest your hard-earned money in good things.

digital painting

Yes, indeed! You heard me.

Digital painting is much more reasonable when it comes to price and if the outcome is as good as traditional painting, I think it is a win-win. So, next time you plan your family photoshoot, don’t forget to get it framed as a digital painting. Our artists are always waiting to surprise you with this unique artifact that will light up your home.

The process of creating a digital painting

Our artists feel that the devil is in the detail. Hence, before putting it into action they first conceive the plan, strategize, and examine every minute detail of the photograph that will be transformed into a painting. Only after thorough scrutiny, they start their painting process, where they make the use of a graphic tablet (Wacom tablet) and stylus pen to complete the painting. Once the painting is completed, it is printed on premium matte paper with matte lamination and framed with borders, and yes, not to forget, a digital copy is always sent to the customers for approval before sending the painting out for delivery.

As you can see, we have many features for you in-store, therefore why not add this to your to-do list for your next purchase.

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