What Is Digital Painting And What Are The Popular Myths About Digital Painting?

digital painting

Digital painting is a rapidly evolving form of art in which the artist utilizes a graphic tablet and stylus pen instead of the usual acrylic paint, canvas, and brush. Many artists prefer digital painting since it is less expensive in the long term (fewer materials) and is required in the fields of animation, illustration, and 2D game graphics, all of which are difficult to accomplish if we use traditional painting.

Without wasting paper or colors on the graphic tablet, a newcomer can effortlessly practice. For skilled artists, the quick brush strokes are easy to handle, and there are many more color palettes to pick from.

It’s also a lot easier to get into digital painting now since computers are so much faster and more powerful. As a result, they can manage exceptionally quick brush strokes, finer pressure sensitivity, and larger files without latency. Using digital layers with modern painting tools might also help you save time. With traditional media, this is more difficult to achieve.

Layers are created by painting (or drawing) on several imaginary layers that stack up to form the final piece. So, if you want to alter something, just delete that layer and start over.

Myths about digital painting and why is it important to know them?

People who are unfamiliar with digital art, are startled to realize what a digital painting is. The majority of spectators are blown away by what digital painting is capable of today.

Aside from the standard inquiries about whether everything is drawn by hand, several assumptions are there which are simply incorrect.digital painting

The following is a collection of myths that can be witnessed daily

  1. Digital painting has no intrinsic value: You should see the price on other websites. You will realize that it is much more valuable than you had presumed.
  2. Digital painting is fake and is just a form of deception: Well if you are a true artist or an art lover, you will know that this point doesn’t stand correct.
  3. Digital painting is very easy and anyone can paint digitally with a computer: This is one of the most popular myths. People think that digital painting is an automatic process where we give a command and the computer prints it, but this cannot be further from the truth. An artist requires the same amount of practice and patience to excel in this form of art. You can only paint if you are passionate about painting.
  4. Due to mass reproduction, collectors find digital art unappealing: Digital painting can indeed be mass-produced since it is made graphically, but that doesn’t diminish its value. On the other hand, its value has been increasing daily due to its preference by many artists. Also, many online stores have started making personalized digital painting that doesn’t follow the concept of mass production including ours.
  5. Digital painting is bad for your health: This belief is mainly because artists have to sit while making a digital painting. However, if you follow regular healthy habits like exercise and consuming a well-balanced diet, the artist can be as healthy as anybody else. People who work in offices are required to sit, hence there is no difference in their life and an artist’s life.
  6. Digital painting takes a short amount of time to accomplish: When done correctly, digital painting can help you save time if you use shortcuts, and of course, no drying time is required. However, because most artists are perfectionists, any time saved may readily be invested in improving an artwork.

The punchline

Digital painting is the pinnacle of modern art. It will continue to take its place in the market and people have also slowly begun to accept digital painting. Hence don’t be left behind, if you want a personalized digital painting, now is the time to order at the most affordable price.

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